Speaking From the Heart

Beth is an internationally renowned speaker who has delivered impactful performances to audiences around the world. Beth speaks from the heart and is available to speak to your group on:

“Daring to Dream Big”
Daring to Dream Big invites you to consider what’s possible in your work and life as you identify what living big in your environment could include. Discover new and varied ways to harness your unique passion and expression, and challenge what you already know to be true about yourself and others. Daring to Dream Big is your opportunity to discover what really matters most. Learn how to harness this unique gold mine of essential information, strategies and expertise to awaken your limitless potential.

Listen to Beth on CFAX 1070 as she speaks about tools and strategies for following your dreams.

“Leading in Times of Change”
Strategies for facilitating the human side of change can help you and your organization stay responsive and viable in today’s challenging environment. Discover how you can enhance organizational ownership with co-creation opportunities and effective strategies for successfully moving through change.
Engage in a hands-on exploration of the 5C Change model for building a sustainable, adaptable, thriving organization that achieves organization results while honouring the human dimension of change.

“Mindful Leadership”
You have a unique opportunity to leave a positive legacy in your life and in your organization. Organizations have been evolving from a time in which individuals were asked to leave their emotions out of the workplace, to a time where it is acknowledged that creativity, passion, and innovation are engaged when employees are excited and committed to their work. Mindful leaders are realizing that paying attention to the human dimension and accessing the whole person in the workplace are necessary for true organizational success in this global, increasingly challenging marketplace.

“Power to Change”
This interactive workshop offers participants tools for working with life events. Individual and small group exercises provide opportunities to discuss and explore options for self care during times of transition, alternative approaches for dealing with life events, and new ways for viewing life events. Attendees engage in self assessment receive tools for positively moving forward in times of change.

“Awakening the Self”
Discover new and varied ways to discover the greatness within, harness your unique passion and expression, and challenge what you already know to be true about yourself and others. Awakening the Self is your opportunity to discover what matters so you can act on what matters most. Learn how to harness this unique gold mine of essential information, strategies and expertise to awaken your limitless potential.

“Intervention from the Inside Out”
Personal and organizational stress are often impacted by our perception of what is taking place. Add some additional tools to your toolbox for looking at change in your life, and in the life of your organization. Intervention from the Inside Out examines mental and emotional frameworks for moving through periods of change and transition. Enjoy this presentation and a little food for thought and energy for your organization and yourself.

“Building Bridges in Difficult Relationships and Challenging Times”
This workshop offers an introduction to conflict management. Learn how to enhance relationships and receive valuable tools for building conflict handling skills.

“Connecting Heart and Mind: Building Emotional Intelligence”
This interactive session is designed to explore our relationship with ourselves and others. Globalization, a highly competitive marketplace, and employee mobility, have placed increased performance demands on organizations. Employees trained in emotional intelligence can influence organizational effectiveness in such areas as teamwork, leadership, employee retention, productivity, and sales. Participate in this workshop to see how emotional intelligence can benefit you and your organization.

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What audience members have said about Beth….

“Thanks again for the session yesterday. The day flew by and there was a ton of value and useful information and tools and I’m looking forward to the follow up package. Will encourage others in my ministry to attend!

-L. Nakamura, Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Attorney General

“I can say without hesitation that you blew our audience away with your presentation…our collective mouths were wide open in amazement and our brains were in high gear attempting to process all your wonderful material. Believe me, you were a big hit. Listening to our staff & clients who have attended many, many sessions over the years, they rated you among the best. Thank you as well for so generously making your presentation available to all our guests.”

-J. Sevigny, KWA Partners

“Thank you very much for the session today. Beth was a terrific, insightful speaker who managed to clearly convey a lot of ideas in a short amount of time. She was very entertaining, informative and thought provoking.”

-A. Parke, Thorsteinssons

“Beth does not bring the learning experience to you, she brings it out of you. Beth does not teach concepts, she embodies them. Beth has helped me realize that my way of being in the world is unique, and that this has inherent value. She has also guided me to a place where rationality crosses paths with intuition. Beth holds a learner’s experience as a sacred journey.

Through my journey with Beth at my side, I came to realize that I am my greatest lifelong learning resource. This has changed the way I interpret life and interact with others. The result is a deeper level of connection in my relationships and a more profound respect for the spaces between them. The turning point for me in this journey was the revelation that this power was within me, and that I had a choice about what I was going to do with it. Beth has helped me to learn more about who I am, who I want to become, and to see how this trajectory extends through my interactions and relationships into the systems in which we all learn, work, and live.

More than expert facilitation skills, precise business acumen, and an impressive list of academic and professional accomplishments, Beth brings a captivating presence and unwavering commitment to excellence in her engaging approach to adult education.”

-Derek Wilson, Master of Arts in Leadership 2011-1 cohort at Royal Roads University

“Beth is a clear communicator, obviously well-versed and confident in her knowledge of subject matter. She also has a firm grasp of adult-education techniques. Overall a very satisfactory experience in which I truly learnt something new.”

-September 2010 Essentials of Leading Change Participant, Public Service Agency, Vancouver, BC

“As a presenter, Beth engaged herself thoughtfully and with more rapport than any previous facilitator I have yet seen.”

Aboriginal Best Participant

“I don’t think I can pinpoint one factor that was beneficial; EVERYTHING was beneficial! I know that what I learnt in the past 2 days will ease my 12 month program a lot. Thank you very much and hopefully future students, present students, and life-long students will get a chance to listen to you and absorb your wisdom.”

-Royal Roads University Workshop participant

“Beth has a way of wrapping up complex ideas into accessible, organized systems and ‘putting a bow’ on it. She speaks strongly, simply, and clearly and is a very effective presenter because of that.”

-Royal Roads Learner, Master of Arts in Leadership

“Beth is a dynamic speaker and is able to quickly engage people and pique their interest. It is evident that she thoroughly researches her topic, becoming the subject matter expert and key messages are delivered effectively. She takes into consideration relevant supporting material which she provides as handout or refers to them throughout the presentation for further independent study. Her ability to allow for free flowing discussion amongst the participants and manage the discussions back to the topic at hand demonstrates her ability as a strong presenter.”

-D. Kiiffner, HR Manager

“Beth seemed very sincere and very ‘present’ in her interactions with us. I always found value in what she had to say. I would have liked to work with her more.”

-Royal Roads Learner, Master of Arts in Leadership

“I had the unexpected fortune to attend one of Beth’s seminars and had many other consultations with her while working with my previous employer. The seminar was ‘Power to Change’. The softness of her words and the power behind her look captured me and made me realize that I could actually do something, commit to something: CHANGE. Now — three years later — I still have one of the slides from that seminar posted on the wall in my office right beside the computer. Now, I am resolved, I do what I like most and live with a smile. Everyday.”

-Antonio Mauriello – Ottawa, Ontario

“I loved Beth’s ‘corny’ but intelligent humour. She really has a way with words. I found myself listening extra carefully when Beth was teaching because I didn’t want to miss anything! Beth was an extremely positive, generous co-facilitator as well – that is really a gift.”

-Royal Roads Learner, Master of Arts in Leadership

“You are a great presenter! This workshop opened up a lot of dialogue between students and stimulated creative methods of addressing an (often) overwhelming subject! Very empowering! Thanks!!”

-Royal Roads University Workshop participant

“To be honest, I don’t really know where to start. These past two days have been filled with so much relevant information. I feel that it is exactly what I needed to hear.”

-Royal Roads University Workshop participant

“Beth has an extraordinary ability to pitch her interventions at the right level so that executives and other employees are able to learn new and exciting ways to perform effectively, whilst maintaining their business focus. She is sensitive to the audience and adapts her material well to the needs of attendees.”

-C. Mann, Organizational Psychologist and Author

“More people should hear from M. Beth Page”

Aboriginal Best Participant

“As a result of hearing you talk about changing our stories, I chose to re-frame my take on my problem; I stayed calm and remembered all the facets of the experience for which I was grateful … and of course there were many. I came home, proud and relieved and equipped with some new tools for living peacefully. Thank you so much for your wisdom and leadership.”

-Valerie Best, Victoria, BC

“During her workshop, Beth created a new awareness/awakening for many. I could see minds being ‘tweaked’ around the room — my own included. Her gentle, caring manner set the tone for openness and honesty; in a group that was only 4 months old, she helped immeasurably in developing our intimacy with one another.”

-Wilma Dixon, Victoria, BC

“I recently attended the International Human Capital and Management Conference where Beth Page of Dream Catcher Consulting spoke about Emotional Intelligence and its application to the workplace. I found this a highly stimulating, thought-provoking talk in which Beth skillfully engaged with the audience. Managers from around the globe were represented at the conference and she demonstrated an effective capacity to constantly adapt her material to the needs of the audience. It was a very useful talk/workshop and provided excellent material and techniques for immediate application in my own workplace.”

-B. Norris, Operations Manager

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