Resilience positively enhances our conflict handling skills, our capacity for managing everyday stressors and our capacity for navigating the many relationships we have.

Resilience & You

Resilience & You is designed for those who would like to strengthen their resilience, particularly in times of challenge and uncertainty. We interview resilient humans to learn from their stories about how resilience can be strengthened, at work and beyond.

Kathryn McEwen, an organizational psychologist operating out of Australia, defines resilience as, “an individual’s capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks and prepare for future challenges proactively.”

  1. Take a seat at the table when it matters most, Sharon Floyd
  2. Using challenge to cultivate resilience, Teara Fraser
  3. Learning from adversity to lead with resilience, Kathryn McEwen
  4. Manifesting radical acceptance, Dr. Julie Chesley
  5. Designing your resilience self care plan, Charleen R. Austin
  6. Learning into resilience to fuel racial justice, Maegan Scott
  7. Using resilience as a guide on your path forward, Dr. Catherine Carr
  8. The resilience of embracing your vulnerability, Jenna Forster
  9. The resilience within a labour of love, Louise McDonald
  10. Resilience is the willingness to receive and ask for help, Sweta Rajan
  11. Getting grounded in your resilience, Cary-Lee Calder
  12. The resilience in the disclosure of our true self, Shawn Y. Holmes
  13. Building resilience as a community to collaborate for change, Joanna Jagger

Resilience invites us to slow down, create a pause, take a breath, and embrace curiosity. Resilience is currently receiving a lot of media attention. Our efforts to cultivate workplaces of belonging and performance amidst COVID-19 are yielding resilience challenges for leaders and employees alike.

What did you learn today? Photo by Rhonda Margolis.

Resilience @ Work

In our hectic, work lives, resilience has been gaining attention and focus in the last several years. A particular opportunity for individuals, leaders, and teams to assess their resilience and build resilience initiatives that are designed to support and strengthen resilience exists with a peer reviewed work based resilience assessment.

The Resilience @ Work is an assessment available to individuals, leaders and teams. This assessment measures resilience on multiple elements and offers individuals the opportunity to build developmental action plans designed to strengthen resilience over time.

I am an accredited resilience at work consultant in North America available to administer the individual, leader, or team assessment. As a developmental assessment, this tool and framework are a great source of capacity building for individuals, leaders, and team.

Contact me to learn more.