Consulting with Organizations

I work with people who want to improve performance and enhance relationships in organizations. Over the past three decades, I’ve been privileged to serve a range of organizations, from community development groups to large corporations, a regional hospital and universities to fledgling start-ups. I serve as a facilitator of change and transformation among individuals, groups and organizations.

If you need a collaborator who will partner with you to address your organization’s most serious challenges, contact me today.

Consulting Areas

In which areas does your organization need to get healthier? Are you having difficulty identifying the next steps to improve performance? Wondering how to help your employees get excited about a new organizational vision? Is your organization suffering from malaise or dealing with other serious challenges that need addressing?

My specialized services include:

Organization Development Consulting – I collaborate with business leaders and internal partners, to transfer knowledge, build capacity, and enhance change management outcomes for employees and the organization. I help organizations discover what matters, and act on what matters most.
If you need a healthier organization, more collaborative working relationships, and greater employee or stakeholder involvement, I can help you experience: Enhanced employee engagement, morale, and loyalty;
Improved employee morale; Increased stakeholder commitment; Values based assessment and follow up

Executive Coaching – Executive Coaching
How could your leadership team enhance its performance? What performance or relationships need strengthening? How confident do you feel about achieving your organization’s goals?

If you’re ready to enhance your career potential, need to successfully integrate into a new position or organization, or benefit from a shadow coach, I can help. Executive coaching sessions may arranged to address specific business issues or for ongoing assistance in various areas, such as change and strategy execution.

I’m certified to administer the EQ in Action Profile in Emotional Intelligence, and my coaching sessions can help you leverage your leadership effectiveness by increasing your capacity for self reflection, empathy and self regulation.

I’ll be your confidential, non-judgmental ‘sounding board’ so you can: process candid feedback;
Participate in specific, goal-focused discussions with actionable ideas to help enhance results;
Develop your emotional intelligence capacity, which is broadly considered among the most critical facets for effective leaders; Receive direct support and encouragement when addressing challenging situations.

Facilitation – Facilitation
Are you seeking positive change and better relationships following your upcoming retreat? Are you having difficulty designing a process that will help optimize a critical meeting? Do you dread meetings? How can you ensure everyone contributes and can share their views? How do you manage if someone dominates the discussion? What can be done to balance the participation in important meetings and ensure all the voices are represented?

As an experienced process consultant and facilitator, I can provides tremendous value for those critical sessions on strategic planning, community stakeholder opportunities, board retreats, staff gatherings and more.

I’ll help you create a forum that enriches outcomes by: Encouraging all Stakeholders’ active involvement in the process; Providing observations on group dynamics; Helping you facilitate meaningful dialogue and decision-making; Manage the agenda and drive accountable action planning.

Team Development – are you wondering how you can enhance your team’s productivity? Are you appropriately balancing team work and team maintenance to drive performance? Are you optimizing the pursuit of your desired team goals?

As a co-creative partner, I can help you achieve your desired team goals by: Introducing timely feedback; Assisting with facilitating the team development experience; Offering design input, observation feedback, and shadow coaching

As an immediate resource, I’m pleased to offer you my complementary workbook, ‘Teams Work! But How?’ It’s available for you to download now.

Working with Beth:
We have noticed a profound shift following our event. Feedback from the team was very positive. The results from our recent Employee Engagement survey demonstrate improvement in all areas. Thank you again for all your compassionate and insightful gifts.”

–Marilyn Wolovick, Executive Director, Many Rivers

Beth has a generous spirit; she’s powerful, grounded, and humble; she seems so relaxed and at the same time, she is completely in control of the facilitation. She balances pragmatism and heartfelt spirit, and at the same time she’s very human. We have used Beth’s model and concepts (the results of her research) and her coaching to guide significant changes for our leaders and our organization. Her presence provided us with the container to generate the creative conflict we needed; she really encouraged us to be more successful with our clients and with each other. The conversations with her and my colleague have been some of the richer ones I’ve had at work. It’s always been a pleasure working with Beth; she always leaves me something to think about and something practical to use from every conversation. Beth’s partnership very much contributed to our success”

-Mike Maughlin, Senior People Development Consultant

Thank you so much for facilitating. Many of the participants found the information to be very helpful. I was very pleased with your presentation, information, and style. I enjoyed the day and feel very honored and inspired“….

-Terry Payne, Owner, INEO Employment Services, Port Alberni

Beth Page is a seasoned Organizational Development practitioner who shares her pragmatic experience to assist her audience to appreciate the possibilities of organizational life. Her presentations are a thoughtful blend of leading edge concepts and practical resources that allow the audience to discover an unfolding future to understanding relationships, make commitments and see the necessary shifts to shape the future. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Beth on a individual coaching basis as well as an audience participant when she was speaking. Her collaborative approach will spark new insight to find, develop and act on ideas to contribute to personal and organizational capability.

-S. Atkinson, Director, Organizational Development

I found that Beth was able to help me ‘cut to the chase’ as I struggled to convey what I wanted to accomplish as president of CFUW Victoria. By carefully questioning me she found a mantra our executive could use, What is in the best interests of the membership? It worked beautifully. I hope she has an opportunity to work with my successor to lead the new executive and the 255 members in our club.

Myrtle Siebert, President, CFUW Victoria