This badge was issued to Beth on 31 July 2018.
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential-holders are trained (125+ hours), experienced (500+ hours) coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and proficient application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, competence in using a variety of behaviours and skills in their work with clients. 

Coaching with Heart
I am a credentialed Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. As a coach I work with individuals, corporate clients and other coaches.

Working with a coach involves taking personal risks, desiring positive change, uncovering obstacles to growth and seeking support for the journey to a more authentic life. The right coach can offer a safe and supportive climate for exploring personal growth and development.

Coaching Resources
Below are several resources to access, if you want to get started now:

This self assessment is offered by Barrett Values Centre and it allows you to identify and explore your values. Values are tremendously powerful guideposts to helping us align ourselves and our work. Click here to take the Personal Values Assessment and learn more.

My customized coaching approach helps individuals to advance personally and professionally. Coaching sessions focus on leading a more authentic and integrated life. I work with individuals to link their aspirations to an action planning process to set intention and achieve outcomes. Find out what’s holding you back from leading the life you desire. I am certified to administer the EQ in Action Profile in Emotional Intelligence, and coaching sessions can also offer you the opportunity to lead a more authentic life by increasing your capacity for self reflection, empathy and self regulation. If you are seeking a coach who can serve as a compassionate witness to your journey to awaken the greatness within, call me today and schedule your 30 minute complimentary assessment.

Benefits of coaching with me include real-time observation and feedback; relevant tools to generate more flexibility in responding to difficult situations; greater awareness of emotional intelligence; discovering the role of choices in outcomes; and a stronger integration between life and work.

Email me now to set up your complimentary assessment.

“At different points in our lives, we meet people who change our lives forever; Beth is one of those people. Beth is a highly skilled life coach, and so much more. Each conversation leaves me refreshed, providing a place of renewal, a time for reflection and nourished, ready for the next step. Beth has been my wise companion, cheerleader, empathic listener and guide, helping me to navigate the paths that have taken me from a place of scarcity to a place of rich, vibrant colour. It has been a remarkable journey.”

-P. Edwards, Coaching Client

Beth does not bring the learning experience to you, she brings it out of you. Beth does not teach concepts, she embodies them. Beth has helped me realize that my way of being in the world is unique, and that this has inherent value. She has also guided me to a place where rationality crosses paths with intuition. Beth holds a learner’s experience as a sacred journey.

Through my journey with Beth at my side, I came to realize that I am my greatest lifelong learning resource. This has changed the way I interpret life and interact with others. The result is a deeper level of connection in my relationships and a more profound respect for the spaces between them. The turning point for me in this journey was the revelation that this power was within me, and that I had a choice about what I was going to do with it. Beth has helped me to learn more about who I am, who I want to become, and to see how this trajectory extends through my interactions and relationships into the systems in which we all learn, work, and live.

More than expert facilitation skills, precise business acumen, and an impressive list of academic and professional accomplishments, Beth brings a captivating presence and unwavering commitment to excellence in her engaging approach to adult education.”

-Derek Wilson, Master of Arts in Leadership 2011-1 cohort at Royal Roads University

“Beth is a compassionate and kind person. She loves her work and believes in the human ability to face and overcome whatever life, work etc. throw at us. It is not just a “wishful thinking” kind of belief, but an action-based, “let’s-make-this-happen” belief. She is a champion of her clients and the epitome of discretion. As an executive coach, her ability to sort through the “story” and target key leadership learnings continues to amaze me. Working with her, I feel proud of my accomplishments.”

-Executive Coaching Client

“Beth Page, a coach specializing in connecting heart and mind in the workplace, has been my mentor for the last year. We have met approximately monthly and her resources, exercises and feedback have led to some very real and positive changes in my work and personal life. I would recommend Beth to anyone wanting a coach to make a personal or organizational change. She is knowledgeable, personable, organized and has great follow-through.”

-Micki Stirling, Operations Manager, Sierra Club