Books are my passion. As a child, my Mom was certain that if she placed me in the downstairs bedroom of our family home, that I would never emerge as long as I had a book to read. However, it never occurred to me that I might one day write a book. Then a colleague at a talk I gave asked me if I had any books published. When I replied that I hadn’t, she pointed out to me that it was time I did. I shared this story later that week with a colleague from graduate school, and she was quick to point out that I had already written a book. I was confused, until she reminded me that my thesis was a published and bound book that people could sign out of the library if they wished. So, before I had a chance to think about all the reasons I couldn’t write a book, she pointed out that the book had already been written.

Thus began my journey of writing. My first book, Done Deal was based on a model I developed as part of my thesis research. Next, I participated in a collaborative writing project that produced a chapter in Awakening the Workplace. The third book I wrote took the model from Done Deal, and added a robust toolkit of practical strategies and tools for navigating the people side of change with greater success. Since then, I worked with three other colleagues to include a chapter called, The Dance of Joyful Leadership which is in the Josey-Bass book, Leading with Spirit Presence and Authenticity. My next book writing project is the Second Edition of Change Happens which is released and is now available for purchase here

Announcing Change Happens, Second Edition, Now available for purchase here.

The 5C Model has evolved and grown. In addition to the classic and foundational material that informed the original research. The second edition of Change Happens has new material, tools for practical application and web links to additional online resources to support your change efforts. Join me in Change Happens as we continue to apply the 5C Model in service of organizations and employees to create more successful change efforts that truly leverage the value of the human dimension.

In light of the growing emphasis on resilience, a new chapter exploring the role of leadership sustainability amidst change has been added. Research in the area of values-based leadership is now more fully represented as a result of research I conducted. Material has been added throughout to reflect the learning that clients and I have continued to experience since the first edition of Change Happens was published.  May this revised edition of Change Happens continue to support you as you honor the human dimension amidst change.

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Below I include comments from people who have read my books and some links to learn more.

As I read Dr. Page’s “Change Happens” it dawned on me that this was a handbook of diagnostics and therapeutics, not for physicians, but for practitioners of organization behaviour and organizational development. While it is not a definitive work on organizational behaviour or industrial psychology, it does offer enough background on the theory and principles upon which to make the diagnosis and to select interventions that are plausible and realistic.

It is a handbook written for practitioners by an expert practitioner and a scholar. Dr. Page acknowledges the complex environments within which organizational behaviourists work and consequently selects the tools and techniques most likely to support change under complex conditions. Change Happens provides sufficient theory to support practitioners in their change initiatives and then offers them tools and techniques to effectively implement the change.

It is the handbook for every change practitioner’s desktop.

Tony Williams, BSc, MSc, PhD
Founding Director, Justice Institute of British Columbia
Vice President, Organizational Learning and Development, Coast Capital Savings

As a leadership and organizational development consultant Page’s 5C model is one we use with and recommend to our clients.  It is practical, easy to read & effective way to navigate change in organizations! I highly recommend this book to anyone that is seeking an applied theory that works!

Nicole Van Kuppeveld, MBA
Organizations by Design Inc

As leaders in 2020, we are being called upon to lead in unprecedented times.   We are experiencing change that is challenging us as individuals, families, organizations, and society.  As we rise to meet these challenges, we need to access practical wisdom.

Dr. Beth Page has created a wonderful change leadership resource for us all.  Change Happens is insightful, fun and provides an amazing change leadership framework.  You are going to love the clear and straightforward 5C change model that will guide you step-by-step through change. As we are called upon to lead change with compassion, empathy, and vision; Change Happens is a must in your resource library.

-Mark Fulton
Founder and CEO LeadingCulture

Change Happens provides a simple yet deep perspective on guiding change. As Beth demonstrates very clearly, people are frustrated when change is ‘done to them.’ This is a common, and often deserved, criticism of international aid work. The 5C Model brings the human dimension of change to the center of focus. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, I can use Beth’s framework to honor the current culture while facilitating trans-organizational, system-wide change that is embraced and led by empowered individuals. Whether engaging employees or citizens, you will find this book a trustworthy companion on your adventure.

-William Sparks,
Senior Advisor, International Aid Organization

This practical, engaging book offers a clear path to leading change in organizations. Enlivened by examples from practice, and grounded in relevant theory, Change Happens invites readers to see the possibilities for creating collaborative, intentional change processes.  The book offers self- assessment questions, guiding principles, and action steps, all of which are designed to help readers readily apply the tools in their own contexts. Beyond steps and strategies, the 5C Model is deeply infused with respect, safety and honouring. In short, people matter. This is a toolkit with heart.

-Dr. Rhonda L. Margolis,
Certified Executive Coach, Principal, RLM Learning Innovations Inc

“Change Happens provides a treasure chest of research and experience-based advice using a definitive framework to help leaders navigate the challenges of change. Many unique observations and clearly defined goals, which once revealed to the reader are instantly seen as essential. Keeping with her respectful style, Beth guides you through a myriad of options to complement your needs and interests. The answers are contained within, so enjoy the read.”

-Gina M Donaldson,
Senior Managing Consultant,
Strategy and Transformation, Global Consulting Firm

“In Change Happens: Your Guide to Navigating Change Using the 5C Model, Beth Page provides far more than a discussion of organizational change. Beth generously shares her 5C model, developed over eight years of consulting and partnering with organizations. This book explains each of the dimensions of change and gives reflection questions and action steps to empower us to successfully navigate or lead change from any point in the process. The elegance of this model is demonstrated by integrating the power of honoring relationships and values, and bringing employees into the initiative early and keeping them engaged throughout the process. Further to giving us a model to navigate change, Beth enhances our opportunity for success by explaining where a change initiative might have become stuck and offering simple solutions to get it back on track. In a book that is as important to leaders as it is to HR professionals, consultants and employees, Beth has eloquently inspired us to improve our competency, productivity, and success in dealing with change initiatives. As a student of Beth’s I have seen her live the lessons she provides in this book in a spirit of inquiry and curiosity while honoring others and encouraging them to be fully present and engaged.”

-Jean Hankel,
MA, Canadian Oil and Gas Industry,
HR-Learning Transfer

“Change Happens is written in a style that is engaging and respectful of the reader. It is condensed yet full of easy to digest information, presented in a conversational, inclusive tone. It provides awareness, provokes thought and stimulates connection to your workplace. And just when you come to appreciate that you could use some help, the tools appear that invite you to formulate a practical, conscious map to successful change implementation and a sustained positive workplace.“

-W Wawrysh,
Broadcasting Industry, HR Manager

What readers are saying about “Awakening the Workplace”

Beth’s chapter, “Connecting Heart and Mind: The Secret to Being Awake and Fully Alive at Work,” is a stimulating invitation to self empowerment in the workplace. It is succinct, well written, and wise. The six secrets she describes are accessible to all of us, provided we are willing to cultivate the focus required to master them. Each is presented clearly and simply, together with exercises for practicing them. I found this a thoroughly worthwhile piece.”

-Roger Harrison,
Author of Consultant’s Journey:
A Dance of Work and Spirit

“If I were limited to a one word review of your chapter, it would simply be enchanting! My mind kept saying yes to all of your ‘secrets’. Your advice is wise and your ability to add practical exercises to allow the reader to experience the truth of your point of view is wonderful.”

-Tony Petrella,
Organization Development Consultant and
Contributing Author to Reinventing the Organization

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What readers are saying about Done Deal: Your Guide to Merger and Acquisition Integration

Concise, grounded, relevant and practical. Beth Page’s research and 5-C model provide a framework that works in language that is easy to understand and explain. Over the past 18 months, my colleagues and I successfully applied the 5-C model with our VP clients. The model and supporting data provided a road map for both our contracting and consulting process. In the end, this uncomplicated book served as the foundation for the most significant and successful integration work in our organization’s history.

-Mike L. Maughlin,
Senior People Development Consultant,
The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado

I found this book to be an immediate boost to my consulting career. After reading it I was able to convey to my prospects and clients a substantial understanding of negotiating the turbulent waters of M&A. The book is filled with concise yet powerful tools that truly work. If you want to actually HELP your company or your clients instead of just understand them, use this book.

-David Shechtman

Done Deal is an excellent, practical resource guide for organizations about to experience M & A. This book is an important reminder that people matter and it offers a way to move through the process with integrity.

-Dawn Brown

“This book captures the critical importance of the human dimension in M&As. Leaders must recognize that the financial and strategic value of an acquisition is preserved and maximized when the people are valued, the culture is respected and the integration process is well-managed.”

—Diana Smallridge,
President, International Financial Consulting Ltd.

I found the book to be a very practical guide. When I am working with managers, they don’t want to hear just theory…they want to know: “What do I do next?” This book helps to answer that question for each phase in the process.

-William Sparks

“Mergers frequently fail because of cultural incompatibility between the merging organizations. This clear, easy-to-understand book provides essential, research-based methodologies to use for merging cultures, not just companies. Use it for a quick, just-in-time guide to make you an invaluable member of your company’s leadership team.”

-D. Svei